Welcome to Susy Boys' Home

Welcome to the web site of Susy Boys' Home. We are a small home for marginalized and orphan boys in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

We have ten boys in our home. All our children come from the Scheduled Tribe of Lambada. These children had no future to look forward to except a life of hard labour and alcohol.

Now they are happy and thrilled to be able to go to school and become responsible citizens. They have the ambition, zeal and will power to become someone in society now that they have access to education, shelter and food. Every one of these boys is exceptional in his own way.

Please go through this web site with an open heart and mind. You are under no pressure to donate funds; but, we would like to solicit your prayers for the success and growth of this home. With so many praying for us, God cannot, and will not, ignore the prayers. Please pray for us and our projects in India.

May God bless you!