Our Work

SHELTER: Susy Boys' Home attempts to give the boys a homely and wholesome atmosphere. Since the boys came from huts and shanties with no concept of a home, we are providing a home, rather than an institutional setting.

EDUCATION: Along with shelter, we are ensuring that they get good education. Since quite a few of these boys did not go to school before, we had to start them in lower classes (grades). We've arranged a graduate to tutor them at home every day so that they can catch up with the rest of the school. We are happy to announce that almost all our boys are in the top ten percent of their classes. We have four toppers in their classes and two spectacular boys whom the school has acknowledged and presented as the best all-round students in the whole school. We have a kid with photographic memory and all the others who strive more than the average kid to come up in education. All of them have high ambitions and we are going to ensure that nothing hinders their dreams.

CLOTHES: We also provide clothes so that they are presentable in society and can move around among their peers with their heads held high. They came to us with torn clothes (one kid only had the pair of clothes he was wearing) and by God's grace, we have been able to provide clothes and toiletries so that they do not lack anything anymore. Though we are struggling financially to make ends meet, we will do all we can to give them a head-start in life. Currently we do not have any sponsors yet and we are surviving solely because of family input. However, please pray that we can find people who will be able to donate on a monthly basis so that our financial crisis will disappear.

FOOD: We provide healthy and wholesome food everyday consisting of vegetables. Each boy gets an egg twice a week and we also provide chicken every Sunday. We provide cake and a party for each boy's birthday and occasionally provide fast food so that they do not feel left out of their peers' lifestyle.

BEHAVIOURAL DEVELOPMENT: We are teaching the boys to become good citizens of society and the world. Due to their backgrounds and lack of parental guidance, these boys did not know etiquette and how to move in society or among peers. We are slowly teaching them manners; how to speak politely to elders and peers; how to eat, dress and behave like others. We are polishing these raw uncut diamonds and we know that eventually they will become priceless gems.

MUSIC & DANCE: We are instilling a love of music in the children. We have started piano and drum lessons for the boys. A local church has kindly agreed to let the children use their instruments to learn. We encourage singing and dance also. We are lucky to have some very talented singers and dancers. The boys are so eager to make up for the lost years in their lives that they are driven to learn whatever they can.

RECREATION: Whenever possible, we try to take them to picnics, parties, programmes and sight-seeing so that they will have a fun time. Though not frequently, we have been able to fulfill this on a regular basis. They have even gone on overnight sleep-overs.

Please keep us in your prayers so that we can expand to bring in other deserving children into our fold.